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Why Do We Go To Obstetrics?

It is a great news for a couple when they come to know that they are expecting a baby. Be it a first child or second, the excitement and joy that it brings to a family and a couple is priceless. We do all the possible efforts to keep a baby and mother healthy. Moreover, all the pregnancies are not same. A woman goes through different situation and experiences complete opposite things that previous pregnancy.

Some pregnancies are smooth and some are complicated. But we have to go through it and monitor each and every movement of a baby. As we all know, a baby grows inside the womb. We can’t see anything from outside. We have to go to an obstetric for a detailed check-up of a mother. It tells about the progress and situation inside the womb.

There are many reasons that we should go and visit obstetrics as soon as we come to know we are expecting. Let’s have a look at the various reasons to visit an obstetric.

  • Complications in Pregnancy:

Many women face complications during their pregnancy. Some experience problems in the first trimester whereas other women have issues in the following trimesters. No matter, which time complication occur we have to see an obstetric. Having an eye on the growth of a baby is a must.

  • Complete Blood Count:

A complete blood count is suggested during pregnancy. It shows us about the decencies that we have been going through. Deficiency of vitamin D, calcium, zinc, diabetes and thyroid are not acceptable in pregnancy. It affects the growth of a baby. So, we have to visit.

  • Rubella:

A rubella test is being done at the time of pregnancy. If the values of rubella are not up to the mark then there are chances that the complications can lead to a miscarriage. We don’t want that. So, having test done is a preferable thing. If the values are not up to the mark, we can take medicines and resolve the issues.

  • Ultrasound:

Ultrasound in each month is a must. It tells us about the heartbeat of a baby. It also shows the movement. In the first three months if the heart beat is not there then we need to terminate the pregnancy. It also tells us about the position of a baby. When a woman is about to deliver a baby then the position has to be right.

  • Structural Abnormalities:

In some cases, babies are abnormal due to various reasons. An obstetric can tell us about the abnormalities if a baby has any of them.

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